The End is Near

“I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more hellos”- Charles Schulz

So, once again I have finished another field school and by tomorrow will be on a plane home to Los Angeles.

Due to internet hiccups and my own forgetfulness, my plan to update this blog as often as possible during these 6 weeks failed quite a bit. Even though I was not able to update everyone on all of my adventures around Italy, there are definitely a few pieces of wisdom I have learned after this trip:

Alcohol can/should be used as currency to thank people, show your appreciation, and overall win people over. It is much more welcomed than money.

Buckets of dirt are an effective weighing system- for example, one piece of luggage might weigh about 2 full buckets. This should be used everywhere

Pickaxing as well as bootydancing and that’s-what-she-said-jokes are all art forms. They require some precision, patience, and practice in order for all three of them to be perfect.

Once again, scavi has been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me. I love excavating, meeting people I would never otherwise meet or have the opportunity to interact with, and appreciating what the past has left for the present to piece back together.

My trowel, gloves, and handpick are all put away, time to go home!


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