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A quiet set for a quiet morning

In a few hours, I will be departing from Rome and venturing to Northern Italy, towards Siena. I love Rome, but I also can’t wait to immerse myself in a completely new experience and excavation. Vescovado, the small town where I will be living at, will be the complete opposite of my time at Ostia Antica (last summer’s dig). The Poggio Civitate field school is literally digging in the townspeople’s backyards for remnants of Etruscan structures from the Orientalizing Period.

And while I felt that Roman takes a very nonchalant approach to its plethora of archaeological projects digging all over, I’ve heard that Vescovado and its inhabitants are extremely keen and attentive to what we at Poggio will be doing and take on a very hands on, active approach in working with the archaeologists.

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to experience a big city, and now a small, more removed town. But before I go, I felt I should compile a short playlist that would be nice to calm my excitement/nerves.

(Sadly I think I’m starting to violate some copyright rules so I can’t post the actual songs up, but here’s the list with links!)

1. Daniel Martin Moore- Stray Age

2. Bon Iver- Holocene

3. La Blotheque presents Stars, A Take Away Show

4. Coldplay- Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground
Keep tuning into The Big Dig and expect an update and new playlist from Vescovado hopefully soon!


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Off to another adventure!

After a long hiatus…

However, the show this summer has sort of relocated… instead of staying in the KXSC studio this summer, I, DJ Alex, will be embarking on an ACTUAL archaeological excavation in Siena, Italy this summer for 6 weeks.

So REALLY, get your trowels, shovels, and handpicks ready, because this summer, The Big Dig is going on an adventure, sifting through stratigraphic layers of music AND most likely 7th century BCE, Etruscan pottery pieces.

Hopefully, I will be posting about not only my adventures in the excavation trenches, but also some journeys around Italy, and of course the usual traversing through old, new, and everything-in-between music.

For this first leg of the journey, I’ll be heading to the airport (in T minus 8 hours!!) to hop on a plane to Munich then Rome. Then, I’ll loiter in Rome for a few days until I head up to Vescovado, Italy, a small town just outside of Siena where I will be excavating this summer.

You can bet that I’ve already made a preliminary summer playlist to listen to while I’m prepping to travel, which can be found here!!

I could write pages and pages explaining why I love so many of these songs, albums, and bands on this list, but just listen yourself!

Next time I’ll be updating this blog, hopefully it will be in Rome. Tune into The Big Dig soon!

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