Breaking Up is Hard To Do!!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, steel your heart dear readers: The White Stripes are officially over!

Despite their slightly odd penchant for taxidermy animals, brother/sister/ex-wife/ex-husband designations, and general oddities, they will be sorely missed!!!!

So what better way to say so long to one of The Big Dig’s favorite duos by dedicating a theme to them?

We’ll be going through our favorite bands who broke our hearts when they disbanded!!

The Beatles

The Beatles: Why Yoko Ono, why?!!!

Break up over Fax? Super awkward....

Are they broken up? on hiatus? What ARE THEY?


SO!!! Quick!! Grab your field journal!! Your trusty trowel!! Tune in…. TODAY! THIS MONDAY!! 2-4PM PT!!! STREAM IT AT


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