November’s here!!! And time for a new episode of the Big Dig!!

I really need to update this blog in a more timely fashion. It’s quite embarassing how lazy I am. But beyond that!!! Get ready for an AWESOME show today!!! I conjured up this theme while watching Glee (yes I am a glee fan don’t judge!). They’re theme was duets, but because I have an embarrassing girl crush on Zooey Deschanel didn’t want to be redundant, the theme today is….. Guys and Gals!! Your favorite duos!

Way back when we had…

Johnny Cash and June Carter


1960s: Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

Now we have…

She and Him: Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward



Jenny Lewish + Jonathan Rice = Jenny and Johnny!!


Cutesy indie duos not your style? Well  how about some noisy lo-fi hipster duos?

Best Coast and their super hipstery overexposed photo


We’re covering all of the new duets today!! So get ready!!! Put on those gloves, get your sieve, and that trowel! Jump into the Big Dig!!!

TUNE IN TODAY 2-4PT (click this link!!!)



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