Git’ Ready for some Bob Dylan!

I’ve been brushing up on my really bad harmonica skills, hoping that I can rustle up a semblance of a Bob Dylan song this Thursday. This is not a moment to be missed!!! TUNE INTO THE BIG DIG THIS THURSDAY 2-4 PM PT. STREAM IT KXSC RADIO!

What can you expect on Thursdays show? We’ll be doing some music history, cataloguing Dylan from the 1960s to the present (anddddd maybe we’ll skip some parts in between….). Tune in for fun facts about Dylan, his friends, his life, and hear me, DJ Alex, play raring (and shamelessly bad) renditions of Dylan songs in between.

Time flies! Time to get that trowel ready, and uncover some dirt on Dylan!





oh, no big deal. Just playing on the piano, singing, AND pulling out some awesome harmonica skills.



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